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       The beginning. There is never any true beginning or end to a story.  It just forever continues even though the words have stopped being written. But there is always a spark. A moment in history that changes everything. That spark starts here, with a very unlikely character and a book.
"Step a side! Step as side! Let the king's men though!" There was a large bustle of people all around, all of them wanting to see the arrival of reptilian nights. The lizard like men were all wearing black armor from head to tail. The party of men were battered and warn but they still marched strong, some of them were even caring flags to show there respect to the king. It had been 100 years since they first left Rockhang City, 100 years they spent above ground. There was only one reason they would be back now after so long; they have fond what they were looking for.  The solders marched on though the underground city strait towards the castle.  A soldier right in the middle of the group was carrying a gold and diamond covered chest in both hands. What ever they had fond was in that chest. Behind all the roars of applause and the chatter of whispering people there was one man who stood behind the crowd. This yellow scaled reptilian hiding under a blue clock had seen all that he needed to. Now it was time for him to rapport back to Mistress Claw. The yellow reptilian looked crippled and had a hunch back so it was a surprise, to anyone who saw him, how fast he moved. He had snuck back into the tunnels when no one was looking and was now leaping from one wall to the next. He jumped around from ceiling to floor to a wall and back again. This was to throw off anyone who maybe following him. Finally his pace slowed to a stop. He had gone several miles deeper underground from were he was before and was now standing in front of an iron door. He knocked three times on the door before he heard someone reply.
"What's the password?"    
"Trust everyone yet trust no one. Now let me through I have very important news for the boss." He answered hastily.  The door swung open to reveal a scruffy old lizard man who was almost twice his size.  
"Well then you better hurry Zeek, you know how much she hates waiting." Zeek, taking the man's advice, quickly entered the secret city of the rogues, thieves, and nobodies. The area was dimly lit by touches giving it a creaky feel for any outsiders but for the inhabitants this was normal. Zeek could see other people walking around but paid them no heed, they had there jobs and he had his. Eventually he came to the boss's favorite bar and stepped inside. It was the middle of the day so there was almost no one there. Only five customers, the band, and the bar tender were present. The bartender looked up from the glass he was cleaning to see Zeek.
"She's in the back," he said already knowing what Zeek was going to say.  Zeek thanked the man and headed straight to door in the back. The room he entered was pitch black. Zeek took a second to august his eyes to the infrared vision to see in the dark.  When he could see again he spotted Anna Claw sitting behind her desk.
"Sit down  Zeek and tell me what news you bring from Rockhang." Zeek took a seat across from Anna and pulled his hood down.  
"Boss, do you remember those 208 soldiers King Philip sent to surface?"
"Of course. King Philip sent them to explore the surface world but that was around 100 years ago. Why do you ask?"
"Because they're back."
"Look Zeek, I know how that can seem exciting to most reptilians but, unlike them, I have been to the surface world before. Don't tell me that's all you got to say."
"No, not at all. I already new that some soldiers coming home would mean nothing to you, but what they brought back with them might."
Anna leaned forward obviously interested.  "Go on."
"Well, from what I hear is that whatever they got their hands on it's big. I mean magical, important, kind of big. I even got some guys saying that the owner of the item will be granted power to rule worlds! Can you image it? I already got some men on the inside to let us into the castle and an escape root by the underground waterfall. The plan is all set; all we got to do is to put in to motion. If we head out around midnight there will be fewer guards. I already seen the chest that its being kept in first hand so it will be an easy job. Then will have all that power for ourselves! We could do anything we want!"
       "No? What do you mean no? Weren't you listening to me?"
       "I was listening to you but I still say no. We are not going to steal whatever is in that chest."
       "Why not?"
       "Because Zeek, right now you are to power hungry to see all the potential consciences. First of all just because some people say it is a powerful item does not make it true, it could be a dangerous trap for all we know. Secondly stealing from King Philip is punishable by death. And if it is as important as you say it is then his men will never stop chasing you until you are exsiccated. Finally, say it is the real deal; someone else might try to steal it from us after we take it. Power makes people do crazy things. It is hard enough keeping order between thieves. If you bring something that powerful hear it would start a civil war with everyone trying to claim the power for themselves. These are the reasons I say no. Promise me you will leave it alone."
        Zeek was about to protest but he decided against it, "As you wish Mistress Claw." He then got up and left Anna's office without another word.
"Crazy Zeek. Sometimes you can be so blind."

         It was the middle of the night when Anna decided to leave the city of the rogue and take a stroll through the tunnels. She hadn't been out and about in a wile so it felt good to stretch her legs a bit. Suddenly there was a burst of noise of people yelling. To Anna's horror all the racket was coming from Rockhang City. She sprinted through the tunnels as fast as she could to see what was going on. When Anna got there the whole city was in a stir. Torches were all lit, solider were all around, and the citizens were all awake do to the sound of the alarm. Groups of armed soldier were rushing past Anna.
She pulled the nearest knight to her and yelled, "What in the nine hells is go on here!?!"
   "King Philip has been robbed." he said before he ran back to join the rest of his men.  
   "Zeek," Anna hiss, for Zeek was the only one she could think of who would steal the King's newest treasure.  It took Anna a moment to think about what Zeek said before. Where did he plan to run again? He said something about water? Of course, the underground waterfall! Now with a lead, Anna snuck back into the tunnels to go find Zeek.    
    It didn't take her long to ketch up. Zeek was perched up near the top of the water fall looking around to see if he was fallowed.
    "It's MINE! It's all mine!" Zeek was holding the chest in both hands as he shouted.
    "Zeek! What do you are doing?" Surprised, Zeek spun around to see Anna coming out of a side tunnel.  
    "No get away! The power is all mine, you hear!  I gave you a chance to share it but you turned it down." Still clutching onto the chest, Zeek made haste to a second exist. Anna leaps out and pounces onto Zeek.
    "Zeek let it go! The royal nights are already on there way here. If you are cot with the chest you will DIE! Believe me this is for your own good." Anna growled as the two of them tumbled about on the floor.
    "Lies! All lies!" Zeek was so drunk with power that he couldn't think rationally. Trying desperately to get away, Zeek kick Anna hard in the stomach. The blow forced Anna to let him go. As soon as he was free Zeek sprinted for the exist once again. But in his haste he Zeek tripped on a rock and plunged into the river.  With the chest still in his clutches and the overwhelming strength of the current Zeek couldn't swim back to safety. Anna saw her friends appending doom and raced over to his aid. She managed to grab onto one of the chest's handles just as Zeek went over the falls. Luckily Zeek managed to hold onto the chest's other handle. Anna held on with all her mite but she could see the leather straps can't hold Zeek`s weigh for very long.
     Anna reached out to Zeek and yelled, "Grab my hand!"
     Zeek looked at her hand but tured it down. "No! You just want my treasure. It's mine you hear? The power is all MINE!"
     Before Anna could react Zeek was falling. It only took a second before he disappeared under the water below. A moment later the water started to turn red. Anna pulled up the chest. As she suspected the strap that Zeek was holding onto broke, letting him fall to his grave.
     "Crazy Zeek. You died a fool's death." Anna whispered. "And fools do not deserve my sympathy."   
     "Hey, over here! I think he went this way." Said a distant voice. Anna could hear the foot steps of solders coming closer. She hid behind some boulders and waited. Around 20 armed reptilian enter the cavern less then a minute later.  
    "Where is he?" one of them asked.
    "Hey, come and take a look at this!" All of them went to the man standing by the edge of the waterfall. "Look down there." The soldier spotted the pool of Zeek's blood being swapped away by the river.  
    "That good for nothing thief most have fallen over the falls. The King's not going   to like this."
   "We better head back and rapport this to his majesty."
    When soldiers were gone Anna took a deep breath of relief.  She was exhausted. Sitting down, back to the wall, Anna looked at chest lying beside her. With all the mayhem happing that day Anna never really had a chance to wonder what was inside of it. She was curious. Anna ripped off what remand of the lock and opened the lid. What she found inside she could hardly believe. It was a book. A plain, old, dirty book. If only Zeek could see this now. If only he could see he died for nothing more then a book. The poor fool couldn't even read.  Anna picked up the book and started flipping through the pages. Perhaps it was a spell book of some kind. But no, every page of the book was blank. Frustrated Anna tarred a page right out of the book and roared, "Aarrg! Just when I thought something new and interesting comes along it turns out to be nothing! Is that what the rest of my life worth? NOTHING!?! And Zeek, was his life was for nothing as well?" Anna roared again and through the book onto the ground. "I am sick and tired of this place. And I'm sick and tired of looking after fools. Bloody Balthazar! Why did you haft to die and leave me with all your burdens? I am not a leader I am an adventurer! I wish for once I could go on adventures again." With the last act of rage Anna kicked the book on the ground.
There was a large flash of light and she was gone.
Yes I'm Done :D
This was made for [link]
InspiredDragons Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! I great story, my attention was captured immediately. Minus some error's, I enjoyed it and I hope theirs more to come! :D
FaceInTheNight Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on part two, hopefully this time I wont make any mistakes.
InspiredDragons Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I shall eagerly wait for part two.
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